Yoga and kayak.
My name is Kirstinna Rosali. I am an experienced yoga and kayak teacher.
I teach in various kayak clubs, organisations, schools and education.
for young adults, adults and seniors.
My Services is online courses, workshops and education
in kayak skills, yoga for better paddling experiences and teacher training.

My passion for exploring what works
for the body and mind
both with yoga but also in the kayak
is always a source of great joy for me.
So as a result I am not very dogmatic
in my yoga practice and teaching.
It is more important that it works, is
efficient and it is done with immense
respect for what the body is ready for engaging in.

I am a big advocate for making the
poses fit people and not fitting people
into poses they are not ready for.
we all have different bodies.
they are flexible and strong different
places within.
So therefore the poses are going to
look different from all of us. That way
we can also avoid injuries and it is also much more efficient to
work with our nervous system and not against it.

"it does not matter how the yogapose looks.
It is much more important
how it feels in your body"
-Kirstinna Rosali

" It is incredible I can already bend my legs into the kayak only after few sessions of yoga"
Retired builder

"I am so happy I finally succeeded with my goal. I am so grateful for your help with this"
office assistent

"I really enjoyed your teaching. There is no doubt about you´re really skilled and with huge knowledge. That is really inspiring.

"The way you are is really pleasant with a good sense of humour and you are also extremely professional."

"You have created a really good learning enviroment for us. I have really enjoyed it and leant so much"