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This yoga program for kayakers gives your shoulders and arms nicely needed attention

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Release those tight kayak muscles

When kayaking it is mostly our upper body doing the work. This yoga for kayakers program gives you the opportunity to stretch and release tension in the relevant muscles in thar area used in kayaking

Shoulder stability

The shoulder joint is the joint in the body which is most dependent of the surrounding muscles for good support and stability. Thats why it makes good sense for kayakers to strengthening and increase your body awareness in that area.

Kayak yoga- shoulder og arms is an online Yoga program for kayakers.

Easily applied in your daily life. Duration ca 20 min. + Bonus 

You will receive 4 days after purchase

Body relaxation meditation to increase your body’s restitution  

Price 22 us.$

What is kayak Yoga?


No it is not yoga on top of a kayak. Even though thats a lot of fun too

It is yoga specially adapted to kayakers. So we can give our body the best conditions to spend a lot of good times in the kayak on the water

Optimize your forward paddling and other kayaking skills

When you add yoga as a supplement to your kayaking. You will find that your forward paddling will improve. You will gain strength in the muscles surrounding your shoulders and your back, core and abdominal muscles as well and release tension with stretching the muscles working hard when we do apply good forward paddling tecniniqes and when we do not 

Rolling a kayak gets easier

When you do rescues whether it is a roll or other methods. It really helps if you have confidence in your body and mind to remain calm in the water and with your head under water. The quickest way to get to a secure roll is learning to remain calm and having a good body awareness. Yoga gives you that body awareness and it also gives you the advantage of increased flexibility that makes many rolls more accessible. To remain calm under water yoga provides many helpfull tools.

When sitting in your kayak for many hours.
A body with good mobility and strength will give you a substantial advantage towards comfort and endurance.

When sitting upright in the kayak with a good posture with the legs out in front of us. Our habit of sitting on chairs can give our bodies some challenges, when not used to sitting down with our legs stretch out or in a kind of frog pose for extended periods of time. So it is good to stretch out those muscles which have become tight and really stabilizing the core muscles so we can sit with good posture throughout our kayak trips.

A nice Yoga exercise for kayakers- try it here

I hope you enjoy. Best wishes from Heidi
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